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Day 15: The 30-Day Summer Adventure Challenge!

Team Turtle is All In…

When my husband tells stories of his childhood, I could swear I’m watching Sandlot. He has our 4-year old begging to visit Dad’s hometown so we can see a “real” sand lot baseball field. Dad even had a community swimming pool—he’s killing me.

Our son wants a pool, too, but even if it were miraculously in our family budget, with our short and unpredictable summers, we can’t justify all the work and mucho $$$ for such a luxury. (There’s a valid reason that most pool supply businesses double as fireplace shops in the northeast.) But we do have sweltering, sticky days (two or three), and on those days we pant for relief and wish we had a pool.

When a mom from our son’s T-ball team told us about a community swimming pool, we had to check it out. You mean we can join a community pool and let someone else do the hard work while we play with our kids and socialize? And there are lifeguards on duty? And there’s a play area for the kiddos during break time? You have showers and restrooms? Yep, yep, yep… The place even has grills so we can bring our own food and BBQ. No wet feet scampering through my house, no crazy expensive maintenance fees, other folks clean it and fix broken parts, lifeguards, grills… No brainer. We actually joined a pool! We feel so smart and sassy right now it’s not even funny. Not to push my luck, but as we left the pool on the first sunny day in forever, I thought, All that’s missing from this Americana moment is a nighttime baseball game on the 4th of July, and the lifeguard scene. Maybe we’ll have a baseball game tonight. As for the lifeguard scene, I hope we’re at least a decade away from that story. 😉

Woodberry Hills Swim Club. What I like:

  • It’s super clean.
  • Lifeguards are on duty for the little people–very important.
  • The grills are a great bonus.
  • It’s not stuffy–I LOVE that.
  • A fantastic Italian restaurant, Georgio’s, brings their truck by Wednesday evenings.
  • On Thursday evenings, there’s a truck with wood-fired pizzas (can’t wait to try one!).
  • There’s a play area for the kiddos when they’re not in the pool.

My wish list: I’d love to see reclinable chairs and umbrellas, until then, we’ll bring our own. Team Turtle is all in!

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