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Day 1: The 30-Day Summer Adventure Challenge!

I have passed it a dozen times and always wanted to stop: Candella’s Farm & You Pick Strawberries (here they are on Facebook). Finally… we were ready this year and the strawberries are ripe! We picked a doozie of a day—rain, mud–in fact, it poured on us. We got soaked, dirty, and my kids stuffed their faces with red, plump, juicy strawberries. How wholesome is that!

It was a good, low-key start to our 30-day adventure challenge. The kids were fired up and couldn’t wait to get there. In fact, as we pulled into the muddy parking area, my 4-year old said, “I can’t stand it I’m so excited!” He’s crazy fun that way. What I loved so much about our adventure was that our youngest, the 23-month old, had fun just standing in the rain eating strawberries. Yep, truly cuteness and innocence overload!

It was certainly affordable–gas to get there and $8.00 for a whole slew of strawberries, and that included the container that we purchased at the pay shack. (You can bring your own container and save about a buck.)

The attendant who drove us into the field in a little golf cart even had some pointers on how to pick ’em. “Get into the middle of the plant. Most people only pick on the outside, but the good strawberries are in the middle.” Good to know!

I don’t want to go off on a diatribe, but we’re losing old fashion forms of fun. Remember when we skinned our knees, climbed fences, got into trouble… I read an article recently that discussed the harm we’re doing to our children by “over parenting.” I would have thought that was nonsense before I had kids of my own. But maybe there’s something to that. One thing is clearly different between our two children: the oldest (the one I was so neurotic with) is more apprehensive than our youngest. With the baby, we haven’t jumped with every boo-boo or fall. While we remain very protective, we are trying to let our kids pick themselves up more and dust themselves off, and we’re letting them have more adventures in the mud.

I am guilty of giving my kids electronic devices or “…one more show” while I finish a load of laundry, or, sadly, to get a moment of peace. But that’s part of the 30-Day Summer Adventure Challenge. Get out there! Go local! Get dirty! Put the devices away and share what you’re doing. Oh, and give me some suggestions of your favorite local places–it could be your own shop or one of your favorite haunts. We just might make an adventure out of it.

A little hint about tomorrow’s local adventure: We’re looking for unusual animals! Check back in tomorrow to see where we go! I’ll post photos, courtesy of Lightning Bugs Photography, and I’ll blog about it. Stay tuned!

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