Day 2: The 30 Day Summer Adventure Challenge!

Fly Creek Cider Mill!

It’s day 2 of our 30-day adventure challenge and I’m already wondering how on earth I’m going to do this. Before I get into the cuteness and fun factor overload, I need to get a few things out in the open…there is nothing easy about getting kids ready for an outing. If there was a method distributed in some mommy manual, someone has stolen it and hidden it for all eternity. While I thank God for my beautiful children, and you KNOW how grateful I am, these boogers are high maintenance. There’s the whole pre-trip saga: making sure their bellies are full, cleanup time, showers or baths, and my favorite—getting them dressed. It’s a game for our 23-month old; he makes me chase him around the house at least five times. When I do catch him, the alligator wiggles out of my arms and off we go through the house again. He thinks it’s hysterical; I am rarely laughing about it. Our 4-year old has things he will and will not wear, and he has his own timeline for everything, which never synchs with mine. I was exhausted before we even hit the road.

But, with the car loaded up with treats, drinks, extra clothes, diapers… we did hit the road. Wooo-hoooo! Every time I can report that we got out, I have this aura of pride: Hey world, look at me! I have two kids in tow and we’re actually doing stuff. Am I the only mom who feels that much pride over getting out of the house? I would never have imagined that getting out would be such a remarkable feat. What’s the big deal? They’re kids! Throw their butts in the car and go! Bah. Ha. Ha. The joke is absolutely on me. For all of you moms who got the raised eyebrows from me for not getting out, I now raise my wine glass to you. I had no idea what your days were like. Thanks for not hitting me over my head with your diaper bag because I sure as fire deserved it.

Onto the fun… you know we had to do it: Fly Creek Cider Mill! It’s a beautiful 45-minute drive from Utica through rolling hills, green pastures and farmland. As I was driving I thought, Wow, just the drive is worth the trip.

The Fly Creek Cider Mill is a real treat for little ones. Mine would have loved to feed the exotic waterfowl the entire time. I have no idea how many species the mill has. Some have tufted crowns, others have beautiful coloring, and I’m fairly certain regular, run of the mill geese and ducks just fly in for the free food and pampering. There are vending machines for corn, so bring lots of quarters. The birds alone will keep the kids occupied for at least an hour! Oh, and it’s baby season—lots of fuzzy little chicks to see.

There’s too much to taste inside to stay with the geese and ducks. I think I saw a sign on the way in that said 400 samples daily. I’m not sure. Anyhoo, the samples are my favorite part: salsas, dips, peanut brittle, fudge, cider, and, um, hard cider and wine—that was a real treat after my morning.

It doesn’t cost anything to mosey about the grounds, but you’ll likely buy something when you taste the yummy dips or eyeball those beautiful pies. When you do, you’ll get 10% off at the café on your receipt—nice for some ice cream or a cold drink. The café has a full menu, so if your car isn’t loaded down with snacks like ours was, it’s a good option. There are plenty of shaded picnic tables, and the service was very pleasant. Oh, and I noticed something this year that I never noticed before–the cafe sells glasses of hard cider and wine. Cheers mums and dads!

Tomorrow is another busy day! Stay tuned.

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