The 30-Day Summer Adventure Challenge!


We started this adventure to get out, come rain or shine, and see Central New York. The weather can be brutal here; there are entire weeks of rain and continuous cloud cover. Living to the fullest when the weather is exceptional is more important than I ever fathomed.

Our little family spent 30 days exploring our community. We targeted fun, inexpensive family friendly places. We mapped the days and stayed within budget (under $40 a day). Team Turtle often took hours just to get out the door. I am certain many people thought I had lost my mind. Maybe I did; it was a lofty goal with two little guys under 5-years old—all their stuff, all my photography stuff, and just getting us all dressed was sometimes monumental, so I skipped a few showers. I edited the photos (developed in film terms) at night and wrote about the day. I took it all on with a new blog and without any knowledge of Word Press. I’m tired now, and I want to enjoy my kids and hubs for the rest of our summer without these crazy, self-imposed deadlines.

And so, after all the fun, all the bribery with popsicles, snow cones, and candy, all the meltdowns, the belly laughs, the hugs, and more love than I can ever express, the 30-Day Summer Adventure Challenge is a wrap!

Watch the video: It’s a Wrap!

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2 thoughts on “The 30-Day Summer Adventure Challenge!”

  1. Madeline and I just watched it!!! Amazing! Now you can go back and enjoy some of these places without it being work. We hope to see you guys and have some adventures with you soon!

    1. Thanks Margaret! And thanks so much for all the suggestions! I will do this again, but in a different forum. I want to find about six to 8 local businesses that are hidden “gems” that many people overlook or take for granted. I.e., I know of a local car wash that looks like a pit, but they do the best job around! I will feature one business a week. Let me know of any local businesses that deserve a shout out. I’m still devising my plan…on the DL or with the business’ cooperation? Dunno yet. 😉

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