Day 13: The 30-Day Summer Adventure Challenge!

Perfectly Imperfect!

I have a confession. I am a “fussy britches.” Translation: everything in its place and a place for everything. When things start to look amuck, my brain sees chaos and short circuits. ADD? ADHD? Or, my preference, no labels: my mind needs order. Well, remember that thing about kids saving us from ourselves? My kids save me every day.

For starters, they slow me down and teach me to see the beauty in imperfection. Getting out the door takes triple the effort now. I dress three people, feed three people, tend to the bathroom needs of three people… Life with kids can move at a snail’s pace. Going from full throttle to a trickle wasn’t easy, but I have reached a pinnacle and I am okay as the leader of Team Turtle. In fact, many days I enjoy just rolling with it. Yesterday was one of those days.

The weather was crappy—rained all morning. You know how you want to skip wet birthday parties when it’s raining? But we couldn’t. A little boy was turning 5 and like a lot of things in life, showing up is important. I’m glad we did. The Splash Pad at Chadwick’s Park is open! And can you believe, the rain stopped for a full hour and a half?  Long enough for us to feel some rays and get soaked by the sprinklers.

The Splash Pad is $2 for the day, or they offer seasonal passes. I don’t know that we’d go often enough to justify a pass, but we’ll definitely go again. I think for the rest of the summer I’m adding swimsuits, towels and sunscreen to the spare Kid Kit in my vehicle. When we’re driving around looking for an adventure and we come up empty, the Splash Pad is a homerun.

I thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity of the party. The child’s mom was able to relax and take in the moment without a lot of stress. I like that. No, I LOVE that! She had the ice cream come in an ice cream truck and she treated. We got to the last kid and it poured. Perfectly imperfect! Great timing and a stellar idea.

Kids do not need fancy, fussy or perfection–in fact, kids are highly allergic to that combination. Splash Pad, ice cream truck, and minimal fuss—Noted, and a must-do for our next birthday party.

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